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Hi! Welcome to a big part of our life and hearts , our precious fur babies. I'm Alice, I have been married to my husband Kevin for 19 years.  We have 1 very amazing daughter Bella (8). We live in the country in Southern IL, so we have lots of room for the puppies to go out to play and explore. I'm a stay at home mom and I homeschool my daughter so someone is almost always home with the babies.

We began breeding puppies in 2002 with yorkies. I still have one of the babies I kept out of our very first litter. Her name is Sophie Ann and she owns my heart. She is spoiled rotten and gets whatever she wants!! I tell her she has to live forever, I cannot imagine life without her, but I know one day God will call her home and my heart will shatter. Any way, at this time we only have 1 female yorkie and her name is BowBow. She's not old enough to breed, so we are taking a break from yorkies at this time.

The next babies we started having were miniture dachshunds. We have one female Sky and one male Poppy. They just had a litter and all their babies found perfect new homes. Of course my daughter just had to keep a puppy, so Izzy has been added to the family.

Now comes the fun of our family our goldendoodles. We got Bolt first he is a standard red F1 goldendoodle. He is a big goofy, wild teddy bear, who is scared of the dark.  Then along came Elsie Mae Doodle. She is a standard red F1 goldendoodle. She is the sweetest baby ever. She is always by my side to comfort me. She is also a little thief, if you leave any food unattended for a second she will swipe it.

Well that's pretty much our crazy life....a big house full of people and even more furbabies.  As you can imagine there is never a dull moment, but we love them all so much! Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Have a blessed day!

Puppy Health

Vaccinations given at weeks: 5*8*12*15

Wormed at weeks: 5* 7

Given Advantage Multi at 7 weeks for fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, and prevent heartworms

There are no bad




When you come home    

     to a





Dogs are my favorite people...

A dog is a friend that listens with his heart and replies with his tail....

What your puppy will come home with

Health Records

1 Year general health guarantee

Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice



Blanket with moms scent

Puppy Pad

All puppies are raised in our home. Small puppies will start pad training. Large breed puppies will start pad training as well as going outside for potty training.